Customer Testimonials

A.P., Local Content Specialist, a Global Technology Company in Switzerland


“There are three main benefits of working with Localex: Good communication, quality translations, and on-time delivery without exception. These are exactly what I, as a customer, am looking for and I can say without a doubt that Localex is one of the best agencies I have worked with.

The fact that each job is confirmed within minutes, cost is also confirmed before the job is started, and on-time delivery occurs every time provides me with peace of mind. I can be sure that the job is not missed, volume or cost is not out of range, and that I will have it when I need it, without needing to send other reminders.

Besides the obvious benefits, good quality translations also mean that I am saving time. We are using internal, native-speaking proofreaders who are also specialists in marketing/the industry. Changes they make are extremely rare and these are mostly preferential. This is not a small thing for such a large volume of translations we do together with Localex, especially considering that we have a lot of technical content. If the proofreader just confirms the translation is okay, this means I don’t have to send other emails for corrections and wait for them to be implemented.

Congratulations to the management and translators for providing such overall quality and a professional service! I would highly recommend this agency to anyone!”

G.U., CEO, a Global Technology Company in Turkey


“Localex Translation is the best among the other translation companies we’ve worked with so far.”

G. T., Project Manager, a Leading Multi-Language Vendor (MLV) in Latvia


“Localex has been our main Turkish provider for the past two years. Working with them has greatly increased our opportunities for Turkish projects. We have always received on time and accurate translations from Localex. Their fast response to emails and ability to manage urgent projects is one of their main strengths. With the help of Localex, we have been able to increase the volume of Turkish translations and offer excellent quality to our clients. We highly recommend Localex to anyone looking for fast and reliable Turkish translations.”

S.E., Project Manager, a Leading Multi-Language Vendor (MLV) in Hungary


“Localex as a partner has always been trustworthy, exact, professional, and prompt. I can always be sure that a translation project sent to Localex will always be handled promptly and the turnaround time is more than acceptable. Localex uses a wide spectrum of CAT tools and has a linguist pool that can translate and review all kinds of fields of texts.”

O.R., Operations Manager, a Leading Multi-Language Vendor (MLV) in Poland


“Most of all, we have gained a stable and reliable Turkish partner we can depend on. If I have an urgent query, I know I will have a fast and solid answer from Localex. Localex provides a good quality translation and their wide experience makes them my first-choice vendor for English-to-Turkish projects. All our Project Managers are satisfied with the cooperation with Localex.”

J.K., a Global Technology Company in France


“Fast response time, great communication and in depth knowledge of the field. We have been able to localize into Turkish our datasheets full of technical contents, which were in English, allowing us to cover more prospects. Consider Localex as your partner in Turkey for localization and best practices.”

Z. A., Training and Development Supervisor, A Leading Optical Retail Company in Turkey


“We share the trainings that we have planned with 44 countries and at the same time use training coming from those countries. Localex is our most important partner in this operation with its speed in our process of professionalization for training, the quality of its work, and its technological infrastructure. With a great peace of mind, we benefit from Localex for the translation of all training documentation as they are well aware of how important eye health is.”

C. P. M., Team Leader, a Leading Localization Company in the UK


“Localex was very responsive and helped us to meet our deadline with our client. We have not received any negative feedback from our clients regarding translations. We were provided with great customer service and very reasonable rates. I would highly recommend Localex.”

N.P., Head of Foreign Relations Department, a Governmental Organization in Turkey


“Localex has always been successful at completing and delivering time-sensitive projects. They work with highly-qualified translators who do a marvelous job translating the documents and complying with the relevant deadlines. If it is a keen eye for detail that you are looking for, I would absolutely recommend Localex.”

R.D., Foreign Affairs Department, a Global Non-Governmental Organization in Turkey


“Localex supported us in our urgent projects without compromising on quality. I would very much like to work with them in our future projects. Choose them be your partner for language solutions!”

Localex was founded in Istanbul, Turkey. We offer price-competitive, customer-focused, and quality-controlled services with our 10 in-house best-choice professional linguists, and have the capacity to handle large volume projects in-house at tight deadlines. Each month, we translate over one million words from English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, and Farsi into Turkish for the largest MLVs, LSPs, and global direct clients in a wide variety of industries. We specialize in technology, marketing, life sciences, industrial manufacturing, and legal texts.