LQA and Translation Review Solutions

Linguistic Quality Assurance (LQA)

Edit & Transcreation

Monolingual Proofreading Services

Do you wish that you had an extra pair of eyes? Your wish is our command! Our proofreading specialists are on duty for any meticulous proofreading services that you require. We proofread not only translations but also texts that you have prepared and that need an external and professional check for them to be flawless and more consistent.

How we work:

  • We analyze your text to define your needs.
  • We assign the text to our expert linguist in the requested language and area.
  • We run the proofreading process to enhance your text and we always keep you informed regarding any changes.
  • We deliver your text with the recommended changes and a proofreading report.

Localex was founded in Istanbul, Turkey. We offer price-competitive, customer-focused, and quality-controlled services with our 10 in-house best-choice professional linguists, and have the capacity to handle large volume projects in-house at tight deadlines. Each month, we translate over one million words from English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, and Farsi into Turkish for the largest MLVs, LSPs, and global direct clients in a wide variety of industries. We specialize in technology, marketing, life sciences, industrial manufacturing, and legal texts.