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Meet Our Management Team

Kamil – The Cat

Kamil has one of the most coveted titles, and accomplishes least understood jobs in the company. He is magically and naturally competent in the industry and can do whatever he wants. Being the only and main Cat of the company, he can spend most of his time doing whatever he decides he wants to spend his time on.


Murat US – Finance Manager

Murat, a co-founder of Localex, has taken up several different positions and responsibilities in the company since its establishment. Formerly a Production and Quality Control Manager at the company until 2018, Murat gained experience in the sector before joining Localex by working as a language specialist at various prominent companies in the localization sector.

Murat, who holds a diploma in Translation and Interpreting Studies (English), currently contributes to the steady growth and development of the company through the responsibilities he takes up as Finance Manager.

His primary responsibilities include the following:

  • Planning, guiding, checking and analyzing the operation of the accounting and auditing units along with other financial units by carrying out joint activities with other members of the team,
  • Determining and implementing the company’s financial policies,
  • Preparing financial statements, other cost-benefit analyses and financial management reports and sharing them with team members,
  • Reporting to other team members regarding all trends that are critical to the financial performance of the company and determining profitability criteria for investment activities.

e-Mail: murat.us@localextr.comFollow at LinkedIn

Gökhan FIRAT – Business Development Manager

Gökhan has been working in the language/translation industry for almost 9 years in various roles. After completing his undergraduate education in Translation Studies, he worked for various publishing houses as an editor, copy-editor and book translator. After 5 years in the publishing industry, he made a career change and began working as a project coordinator, operations manager, technology consultant and trainer for leading translation and localization companies in Turkey. He also lectures about the effects of technological developments on the practice of translation at various state and private universities, and is also one of the members of first Elia Engage Committee.

Apart from overseeing the day-to-day production, Gökhan improves the company’s market position in order to achieve financial growth, defines long-term organizational strategic goals, builds key customer relationships, identifies business opportunities, negotiates and closes business deals.

He is in the process of completing his M.A. in Translation Studies at Bogazici University with a thesis on the increasing importance of the new role of knowledge economy and its relationship with the transformations at the language/translation industry, especially after the recent advancements in technologies such as Internet, translation memory (TM) and machine translation (MT).

He has also translated a number of fiction and non-fiction books into Turkish, including A Christmas Carol (Charles Dickens), Making the Future (Noam Chomsky), The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes, “His Last Bow”, (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, ed. Leslie S. Klinge), Embrace the Night Eternal (Joss Ware) and City of Tranquil Lights (Bo Caldwell).

e-Mail: gokhan.firat@localextr.com | Follow at LinkedIn

Fatma GÜLTEKİN -Business Development Manager

After working with Localex for several years as a freelance translator and editor, Fatma joined Localex Team as an in-house Business Development Manager.

Fatma has a broad experience in translation and localization industry and before joining Localex, she has worked as translator, editor, project coordinator and business development manager for leading language service providers in Turkey.

As a Business Development Manager, Fatma is mostly concerned with improving and growing business by fostering and developing relationships with customers, suppliers and other partners. She builds key customer relationships, identifies business opportunities, negotiates and closes business deals. Fatma works with the marketing and sales department in order to increase the value of current customers while attracting new ones.

Fatma holds a diploma in Translation Studies with an expertise in German. As an experienced linguist, she translates and edits from German into Turkish and her main fields of expertise are Marketing, e-Learning and Technical.

e-Mail: fatma.gultekin@localextr.com | Follow at LinkedIn 

Bekir DİRİ – International Marketing Manager

Bekir Diri joined Localex as International Marketing Manager in 2017.

Bekir has seven years of experience in translation and localization industry and has worked as technical translator, book translator, project manager, technology expert, web localization manager and translation technologies manager for several translation companies. Before joining Localex, he managed sales and marketing of an award winning cloud based translation management system and CAT tool at the Turkish market and managed web localization projects for one of the biggest language service providers in Turkey.

His experience is enhanced by his Bachelor’s degree in Translation Studies and he is in the process of completing his MA degree in Translation Studies at Istanbul 29 Mayıs University with a thesis subject which covers game, software and web localization gaps in Turkish.

As Marketing Manager, Bekir is responsible for the overall leadership of the Localex marketing activities; developing, implementing and executing strategic marketing plans for the company in order to attract potential customers and retain existing ones.

As a localization and technology expert, he translates and edits from English into Turkish and is experienced with the localization and testing of Website, Software, Game, Mobile Apps and Multimedia materials.

e-Mail: bekir.diri@localextr.com | Follow at LinkedIn 

Çiğdem TURA – Project Manager

She is working in the operations department where she is responsible for directing, organizing, controlling and delivering projects; selecting and assigning translation teams; coordinating the production with translators, reviewers, quality managers and term experts, and performing quality checks on final documents to ensure they meet Localex quality standards.

Cigdem graduated from Bogazici University Translation and Interpreting Studies and has worked in the translation industry as an independent language professional for more than 12 years.

She first started working as a subtitle translator for IKSV (Istanbul Foundation of Culture and Arts) during her Bachelor’s Degree and translated various films for the Istanbul Film Festival from German and English into Turkish for many years. She then specialized in the subtitle translation field and translated the subtitles of various well-known TV shows and films for different companies as a part-time freelance translator.

Having worked at different private companies in various roles after the completion of her studies, she decided that translation and freedom are her real passions in life and started working as a full time freelance translator, leaving her career path she started aside. She worked as a dedicated linguist, reviewer and quality evaluator for lots of global clients, and specialized in marketing, information technologies and technical translations, among others.

Prior to her decision to switch to a freelance life and translate full time, she first completed her internships in various TV channels and supported the news departments and worked in different companies; Dunyagoz Hospital – as International Affairs Specialist, Zarakol PR Agency – as Account Executive and Avon Cosmetics – as Print Production Specialist in the Marketing Department.

She then thought it would be a perfect outcome to combine her experience as a translator with her valuable versatile knowledge that she gained at various companies and decided to work as Project Manager for Localex.

e-Mail:  cigdem.tura@localextr.com

Alper ÇALIK – Project Manager

After working with Localex for three years as an exclusive translator, Alper has joined Operations Management Department as a project manager.

Alper is working in the operations department where he is responsible for directing, organizing, controlling and delivering projects; selecting and assigning translation teams; coordinating the production with translators and proofreaders, and performing quality checks on final documents to ensure they meet Localex quality standards.

Alper’s degree is from Trakya University where he majored in English and German translation and interpreting, and he is in the process of completing his MA degree in Translation Studies at Istanbul 29 Mayıs University with a thesis subject which is about creating a statistical machine translation engine for automotive texts.

As an experienced linguist, he translates and edits from English and German into Turkish and his main fields of expertise are Automotive, Life Sciences, Marketing, e-Learning and Engineering.

e-Mail:  alper.calik@localextr.com | Follow at LinkedIn

Hakan MERAL – Production and Quality Assurance Manager

Hakan holds a diploma in Translation Studies with an expertise in English. As a localization expert, he translates and edits from English into Turkish and his main fields of expertise are IT, Marketing, Software and Engineering. During his career, he took part in the translation/localization projects of major software companies as an in-house and freelance language professional.

Hakan’s main function at Localex is to ensure the efficient and timely production of translations. He is principally responsible for working with other team members to establish procedures, quality standards, style guides; ensure that translation and review processes comply with the standards at international level; record, analyze and deploy statistical information; monitor performances of linguists and determine training needs.

His main responsibilities are to;

  • plan a production schedule for each client,
  • manage human and machine resources to meet client targets,
  • make decisions about technology use, maintenance, modification and procurement,
  • set product quality standards, implement and enforce quality control and tracking programs to meet quality objectives,
  • monitor and review the performance of language professionals and organize necessary interventions for improvement,
  • ensure efficient collaboration and co-ordination between relevant departments including operations, business development and sales.

e-Mail:  hakan.meral@localextr.com | Follow at LinkedIn

Hüseyin KARTAL – Senior Linguist

Hüseyin is working at the Production Department where his main responsibility is to provide linguistic and technical leadership for the execution of projects for Localex’s clients.

Before joining Localex, he worked as a lead linguist and project manager for global language service providers based in Turkey, translated various materials including IT, Marketing, Automotive, Technical and Engineering.

Hüseyin applies his expert knowledge, strong problem-solving and communication skills and keen attention to detail to support the delivery of projects within the quality expectations, timelines, and budget. He also coordinates trainings of junior language professionals selected to join Localex Production Team, assists junior linguists with difficult translations and mentors them as required.

Holding a diploma in German Language and Literature, Hüseyin has contributed to over a thousand translations, provided quality control and corrected translations done by junior linguists, prepared language analyses, guidelines and training materials requiring a high level of linguistic expertise leading to a higher level of accuracy and customer satisfaction.

e-Mail:  huseyin.kartal@localextr.com | Follow at LinkedIn

Vedat DEMİRBAŞ – Project Manager for Kurdish Projects

After working as a freelance translator and editor with Localex, Vedat has joined Localex Team as a project manager for Kurdish translation, localization and interpretation projects.

Along with forming and maintaining a team of linguists, his responsibilities include assigning projects to linguists, ensuring that the translations and editors fulfill Localex standards and that the client is provided with high quality translations.

Graduated from the Philosophy department of Bogazici University, Vedat grew up as bilingual in Kurdish and Turkish languages, and completed his studies in English. During his studies, he worked as freelance translator in the fields of Political Journalism, Social Sciences, Health Sciences, Literature and Technology.

His main target in his career is to contribute to forming a standardized version of Kurdish language especially in the areas of Information Technologies and enabling experts to translate into Kurdish more accurately and comprehensively. In this respect he, with his dedicated team, also supports Localex Team with his own academic research studies.

Vedat is also playing in a music band, and is an ambitious supporter of a peaceful, multicultural universe.

e-Mail:  vedat.demirbas@localextr.com | Follow at LinkedIn

Hülya BAYLAN – Digital Marketing Manager

After working with Localex for two years as a web developer and digital marketing consultant, Hülya joined Localex Sales and Marketing Team as an in-house Digital Marketing Manager.

Hülya has a broad experience in digital marketing and social media management, and a big passion for digital technologies and various digital marketing channels. She is working with marketing, sales and business development departments to develop, implement, track and optimize our digital marketing campaigns across all digital channels.

Hülya has a diploma in Business Administration/Management and is currently doing her MA degree in Neuro-Marketing field. Her key qualifications are UX, SEO, SEM/social media marketing and lead generation. She is responsible mostly for;

  • planning digital marketing campaigns, including web, SEO/SEM, email, social media,
  • maintaining Localex’s social media presence across all digital channels,
  • measuring and reporting on the performance of all digital marketing campaigns,
  • evaluating emerging digital technologies and providing perspective for adoption where appropriate.


e-Mail: hulya.baylan@localextr.com | Follow at LinkedIn

Gökhan DOĞRU – Machine Translation (MT) Consultant

Gokhan Dogru is a predoctoral researcher in Autonomous University of Barcelona studying Turkish to English machine translation, and is a member of Tradumatica Research Group. He has been working as a Spanish-Turkish and English-Turkish freelance translator for more than 9 years. He has translated 8 literary and academic books into Turkish.

He is particularly interested in translation technologies, localisation and machine translation.

e-Mail: gokhan.dogru@localextr.com | Follow at LinkedIn

Meet Our Linguist Team

C.A., Translator, Graduated from Istanbul University, Translation Studies


“Working with Localex as a translator is a real joy. They offer competitive rates, hassle-free payments, and professionalism. Localex has a young, energetic team that is always there to help out. One of their strengths is that they utilize computer technology and translation tools much better than other companies in the market. I would recommend working with these friendly people to my friends and fellow translators.”

E.A., Translator, Graduated from Bogazici University, Translation Studies


“As a freelance translator working with Localex, I always have the chance to take part in well-planned projects, receive valuable feedback, and improve my professional skills. With their innovative and solution-focused approach, they are always ready to help and turn demanding tasks into a great source of motivation. They are also exceptionally punctual in terms of payment dates, which makes the lives of translators so much easier.”

G.D., Translator, Graduated from Bogazici University, Translation Studies


“I have been working with Localex since its first day and I can say that they are very sensitive about the wellbeing of the translators with whom they work together. Their project management cycles are very organized and they are responsive to queries of translators. Their deadlines and payment periods are reasonable, and that’s why I like collaborating with them.”

Ö.İ., Translator, Graduated from Bogazici University, Translation Studies


“I had a number of benefits from working with Localex. I have learnt a great deal especially in working with translation technologies. Their very careful approach to translators and the translation process makes working with Localex a pleasure. Payments are made in a highly satisfactory and regular manner. I can say that Localex is one of the most professional company I have worked. Throughout the translation process, the required technological infrastructure and other resources support the translators. As a result, they provide the opportunity for the translator to develop in terms of their profession. A productive process is also carried out with feedback. The comments made about the translation allow me to work more productively in next projects. They use technology in a manner that facilitates the translation process and I can say that they make special efforts for this. Localex has direct communication with translators and adopts a translator-friendly manner by continuing this dialog during the translation process. I would definitely recommend working with Localex.”

O.D., Translator, Graduated from Hacettepe University, Department of American Culture and Literature


“First and foremost, Localex is a young and dynamic team. It is very easy for you to be on the same wavelength. Rates are above the national average, the workflow proceeds without any problems, and payments are done meticulously. Localex’s adoption of new technology and the fact that they are open to working on different platforms make it incredibly easy for us translators. It is obvious that careful work is done on feedback, which is critical for our professional development. Working with such a team is highly satisfying and I would gladly recommend them to all translators who love doing their job.”

M.G., Translator, Graduated from Dokuz Eylül University, Department of Public Administration


“Professionalism: check; fair pricing: check; impeccable humor: check. A ‘translator heaven’ that any professional translator should work with… Equip yourself with your best attitude, best translation skills and a good sense of humor, you will not regret a single second that you work with Localex.”

D.Y., Translator, Graduated from Hacettepe University, Department of Translation and Interpretation


“Localex is a translation agency that efficiently communicates with its translators and offers highly competitive unit rates compared to the market. Working with thoughtful individuals who care humanitarian values and do not compromise from professionalism ensures that you as a translator have the comfort of just focusing on your job and not having to worry about anything else. The conveniences provided to the translator at Localex are not just limited to these. The computer-assisted translation tools help you work easier and save time by ensuring that the task is done in an effective and productive manner. I would recommend working with Localex to all translators looking for an expert and trusted company where they can work on long-term projects.”

A.B., Translator, Graduated from Bogazici University, Translation Studies


“Localex is a translator-friendly company as it offers unit rates above the national average, gives detailed feedback to translators, and chooses easy-to-use and effective translation tools. Localex’s dialogue with the translators with whom it works goes beyond the employee-employer relationship. At the same time, this relationship in no way affects the professional operation of the team. When considering all these benefits, I would definitely recommend working with Localex to my colleagues.”

Localex was founded in Istanbul, Turkey. We offer price-competitive, customer-focused, and quality-controlled services with our 10 in-house best-choice professional linguists, and have the capacity to handle large volume projects in-house at tight deadlines. Each month, we translate over one million words from English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, and Farsi into Turkish for the largest MLVs, LSPs, and global direct clients in a wide variety of industries. We specialize in technology, marketing, life sciences, industrial manufacturing, and legal texts.