Founded in Istanbul and run by a group of translation professionals, Localex is a boutique language service company.

With a technologically savvy in-house team, we offer translation and advanced language solutions in local and regional languages.

  • Technologically Savvy Team
    Detail-oriented and tech-savvy team members with educational background in translation and technology
  • Boutique and Dedicated Business Concept
    Language services with a boutique working concept and dedicated team of translation professionals
  • Ability to Handle High Volume Requests
    Capacity and ability to handle large volume projects at tight deadlines with collaborative action
  • Rapid Turnaround Times
    Established reputation for delivering cost-effective language services in rapid turnaround times

Global brands and companies collaborating with Localex have found a reliable and qualified translation and localization services provider that can meet their needs and requirements concerning price, time, consistent quality, and advanced technical support.

  • Established domain knowledge in IT, Software, Marketing, Industrial Manufacturing, Legal, Life Sciences, Automotive, and e-Learning
  • Partnered with all sizes of organizations, from startups to Fortune 500 companies
  • 99% customer satisfaction
  • 98% of our linguists recommend us to other linguists

Meet Our Management Team

The Cat
Kamil has one of the most coveted titles, and accomplishes least understood jobs in the company.

He is magically and naturally competent in the industry and can do whatever he wants. Being the only and main Cat of the company, he can spend most of his time doing whatever he decides he wants to spend his time on.

Production and QA Manager
Hakan holds a diploma in Translation Studies with an expertise in English. As a localization expert, he translates and edits from English into Turkish and his main fields of expertise are IT, Marketing, Software and Engineering. During his career, he took part in the translation/localization projects of major software companies as an in-house and freelance language professional.

Hakan’s main function at Localex is to ensure the efficient and timely production of translations. He is principally responsible for working with other team members to establish procedures, quality standards, style guides; ensure that translation and review processes comply with the standards at international level; record, analyze and deploy statistical information; monitor performances of linguists and determine training needs.

His main responsibilities are to;

● plan a production schedule for each client,
● manage human and machine resources to meet client targets,
● make decisions about technology use, maintenance, modification and procurement,
● set product quality standards, implement and enforce quality control and tracking programs to meet quality objectives,
● monitor and review the performance of language professionals and organize necessary interventions for improvement,
● ensure efficient collaboration and co-ordination between relevant departments including operations, business development and sales.

Project Manager
Ali studied Turkish Language and Literature at Boğaziçi University. After working with several translation agencies and direct clients as a freelancer through his university years, he joined Localex as a Project Manager. Besides legal texts and tourism/travel contents, his main focusses as a translator are academic texts in such areas as architecture, music and social sciences. At the same time, as a musician/music producer, he aims to contribute to the voice over and audio content production projects in Localex.

His main responsibilities at Localex are to:

plan, execute and monitor translation projects,
work with localization managers, translation professionals, localization engineers and terminologists to develop project plans and workflows,
organize, assign and collaborate with translation teams,
maintain effective communication with the clients and act as a bridge between the clients and the translation teams,
direct team’s deliveries to timelines and product quality.

LQA Manager
Gülin studied Translation and Interpreting Studies at Boğaziçi University. After working with Localex as a freelance English-Turkish translator and editor, she joined the team as the LQA manager.

She has experience with different localization methods in addition to document translation, including reverse translation, transcreation, video subtitle, etc.

Her main responsibilities at Localex are to;

set linguistic quality standards for our clients
implement quality control and evaluation procedures to meet defined linguistic quality objectives
review and evaluate translations and support our translation teams for better outputs
prepare LQE reports in a managed system to guide our operation team,
create reference documents including tutorials, supporting documents, style guides, and glossaries.

She pays great attention to details and work closely with our clients and linguists to ensure and enhance the linguistic quality of the translated materials.

Gülin is particularly interested in transcreation and her main fields of expertise are marketing, technical, legal, IT and software translation.

Lead Linguist
After her freelance translator experience with Localex, Nazlıcan joined our team as Lead Linguist who is responsible for German projects.
In 2019, she completed her undergraduate education at the Department of Translation and Interpreting (English-German-Turkish) at Dokuz Eylul University, and aimed to serve our industry in both languages. Bringing her interest in tourism and her field of expertise, translation together, she received an associate degree in Tourism and Travel Services Department and ended both university education by doing an internship in the position of "translator".
By using English and German languages in both written and verbal communication channels, she aims to expand the scope of service she offers. In the light of this goal, she participated in many conferences and congresses, especially on social and technical issues, as an interpreter for a while, thus taking her first steps into the world of simultaneous interpreting.
After her graduation, she gained experience in the field of law as a sworn and certified translator. As a result of her cooperation with global companies, she has advanced on the way of expertise in technical translation fields such as mechanical engineering, automotive, IT and software. Now, she contributes to our team and our industry with her experience and knowledge.
The book "Ecce Homo", which she translated from German into Turkish, took its place in the world of philosophy and literature in March 2020.
Business Dev. Manager
After working with Localex for several years as a freelance translator and editor, Fatma joined Localex as an in-house Business Development Manager.

Fatma has a broad experience in translation and localization industry and before joining Localex, she has worked as translator, editor, project coordinator and business development manager for leading language service providers in Turkey.
As a Business Development Manager, Fatma is mostly responsible for improving and growing business by fostering and developing relationships with customers, suppliers and other partners. She builds key customer relationships, identifies business opportunities, negotiates and closes business deals. Fatma works with the marketing and sales department in order to increase the value of current customers while attracting new ones.
She holds a diploma in Translation Studies with an expertise in German language. As an experienced linguist, she translates and edits from German into Turkish and her main fields of expertise are Marketing, e-Learning and Technical.

Finance Manager
Murat has taken up several different positions and responsibilities in the company since its establishment.

Murat gained experience in the sector before joining Localex by working as a language specialist at various prominent companies in the localization sector.
He holds a diploma in Translation and Interpreting Studies (English), and currently contributes to the steady growth and development of the company through the responsibilities he takes up as Finance Manager.
His primary responsibilities are;
● planning, guiding, checking and analyzing the operation of the accounting and auditing units along with other financial units by carrying out joint activities with other members of the team
● determining and implementing the company’s financial policies
● preparing financial statements, other cost-benefit analyses and financial management reports and sharing them with team members
● reporting to other team members regarding all trends that are critical to the financial performance of the company and determining profitability criteria for investment activities.